Sunday, March 29, 2015

Evolution of Trish Stratus

Find out how Trish became the most decorated woman in WWE history. Join us as we look back at the milestones she reached over her amazing career that started 15 years ago today! See the evolution »

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The anthology of Trish's entrance music

Music is important for any WWE Superstar or Diva. It's the first thing fans hear and react to. Check out the songs Trish has used to deliver Stratusfaction to and from the ring! Hear them »

Trish fan signs in pictures

Over the course of her legendary career, fans have expressed their support for Trish with signs at WWE live events and television tapings. From marriage proposals to just saying thanks, Trish enjoyed seeing them. Is that your sign? »

The rare DVD that is 'Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed' - The Collector's Edition

Are you a WWE DVD collector? If so, then you've got some rare Stratusfaction to pursue. Full story & exclusive photos »

Mount Rushmore of Trish's biggest rivals in WWE presents to you the Mount Rushmore of Trish's biggest rivals! Mount Rushmore revealed »

'I Just Want You'

Aside from being a 7-time Women’s Champion, Trish can also sing! Today we look back at her 2004 song “I Just Want You” from the WWE Originals album featuring originally written songs performed by Superstars & Divas.
Download full song on iTunes »
Trish’s recording session »

Friday, March 27, 2015

The history of Stratusfaction

Check out how the legacy of Trish Stratus was built with this look back at some of the Pay-Per-Views of this Hall of Famer.
WrestleMania »
Royal Rumble »
Survivor Series »
SummerSlam »
New Year’s Revolution »
Armageddon »

100 coolest Trish Stratus photos

During Trish’s wrestling career there have been many eye-popping moments. We dug into the archive and complied 100 of the coolest shots ever captured. 100 photos »

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 reasons why you’ll love Stratusphere Sculpt

Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll love Stratusphere Sculpt, the third DVD in Trish Stratus’ line of fitness DVDs. See the list »

Back by popular demand, the Team Bestie trading card returns to Stratusphere Shop

After its initial launch at our one-day Black Friday sale, the Team Bestie trading card has been one of the most requested items at Stratusphere Shop. The card was available exclusively as part of the Team Bestie Tour, and besides our one day sale, the only way to get it is if you attended one of the signings. Full details »

Monday, March 2, 2015

Masters of Ring Entertainment, LLC announces rare Team Bestie NC appearance with Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas

Feb 2, 2015 – WILMINGTON, NC / Masters of Ring Entertainment, LLC, a special events pro wrestling organization, is pleased to announce that Amy Dumas, aka Lita, will join Trish Stratus for a rare Team Bestie appearance… Full press release »

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Team Bestie in pictures: Trish & Lita photoshoot

A decade after appearing on the cover of Raw Magazine together, Trish and Amy got in front of the camera once again for a photoshoot. Since the Hall of Fame duo released a teaser shot back in September, fans have been awaiting the photos. Full story & photos »